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Signal test and modal analysis


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TL9800 consists of Dynamic signal testing & analysis module, basic modal test & analysis module, impulse response analysis module, digital signal generator module, sensor test & calibration module, strain test and analysis module, basic condition monitoring & analysis module, acoustic test & analysis module, Vibration table/impact table testing, modal software, etc.

TL9800-08 Acoustic Test & Analysis Module

The acoustic analysis module provides Acoustic signal real-time processing and

post-processing functions, can analyses sound intensity, sound pressure, and can use

the L, A, C weighting, 1/1, and 1/3 octave analysis.


TL 9800-09 Vibration table test software modules

With vibration sensor, dynamic data collector, according to the national standard of

electric, hydraulic, mechanical vibration table for each index calibration; Such as

distortion, transverse vibration than, the related projects, such as amplitude uniformity

test results automatically saved, easy to make relevant reports; Historical data

managed by a tree structure, use very convenient.


TL 9800-10 Shock test module Shock test software module, provides the perfect analysis and processing functions,

including test setup, operation control, digital filtering, data storage, and display, the test

report is automatically generated, and so on. Shock waveform supports national

standard and national standard, MIL standard and the standard of customer

custom. Support TL shock tester sensor.


N-MODAL Modal test and analysis software

N-modal is designed for experimental modal analysis (EMA, both excitation and response data are required), operational modal analysis (OMA, only response data is required), and operational deflection shape (ODS) analysis N-Modal ODS.Consists of three main funcional modules: project management, dynamic singal processing, and modal prarmeters identification;The imported source data can be both time domain signals (excitation and respose time histories) and frequency domain signal (frequency response function, FRF) ;Multi-interface to most popular multi-channel data acquisition systems and analyzers;With the capacity of not only traidtional experimental modal analysis (EMA, both input and output data are needed), but also operational modal analysis (OMA, exticited by the enviroment loads, only the output data can be mesured);Developed in the Microsoft’s Visual C++ language development enviroment, making use of the technology of Object Oriented Program, easily to maintain and extend;With flexible interface arrangement, abundant mouse and shortcut keys operation,greatly improve work efficiency;Perfectly display and control of two-dimentional curves and three-imentional graphics (geometry and mode shape animation);Function of data copy, screen copy, saving curves to JPG files, saving animations to AVI files, and so on, provide users with the privilledge of rapidly report and presentation creation.

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