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Portable Vibration Calibrators

VC-01 Hand-held Vibration Calibrator:

Rapid judgment measurement system integrity; Rapid measurement the sensitivity of

acceleration/Velocity/Displacement sensors; Battery powered with automatic shutdown; Self-contained 1grms vibration reference; Small size, lightweight.


 Acceleration Amplitude(RMS):9.81m/s2(1g)±3%

 Vibration Frequency:159.2Hz±0.5%

 Displacement Amplitude (RMS):9.81µm±3%

 Output waveform: Sine waveform

 Waveform distortion:!3%

 Maximum Load: 100Gram

 Size: Φ52×155

 Weight: 600 gram (with batteries)




VC-02 Portable Vibration Calibrator

VC-02 is designed to test and calibrate almost all types of vibration transducers and monitoring systems - in the lab or in the field.VC-02 is a complete, self-contained, portable vibration calibrator. Frequency, vibration amplitude can be a continuous Adjustable, direct LCD display.

 Vibration Frequency Range:10-10kHz;

 Vibration Amplitude:0-±5grms;

 Input Mode:Charge /IEPE/Voltage /4-20mA/Eddy input;

 Size:300(L)×140(W)×85(H)

 Vibration Frequency:10Hz to 10kHz;

 Dimensions:300×140×85mm;

 Weight:6.5kg;

 Load Range:≤100Gram(1g);

 Power: 220V50Hz/110V60Hz;

 By test and control software, can finish automatic calibration of vibration sensor Sensitivity,

 amplitude /frequency Response, Non – linearity.


VC-03 Static displacement calibration device

VC-03 is a simple displacement testing and calibration device, using micrometer as displacement reference, digital display, provide a variety of the clamping fixture, easy clamping sensor; Suitable for static calibrating, and testing 401D series displacement sensor.

Measuring Range:0-25mm; Accuracy:±1μm;Size:300 L×140W×85 H; Weight:2.5kg.

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