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Signal test and modal analysis software

TL9800 consists of Dynamic signal testing & analysis module, basic modal test & analysis module, impulse response analysis module, digital signal generator module, sensor test & calibration module, strain test and analysis module, basic condition monitoring & analysis module, acoustic test & analysis module, Vibration table/impact table testing, modal software, etc.

TL9800-01 Dynamic Signal Testing & Analysis Module Supporting all TL dynamic data collectors. Data can be exported as UFF, ASCII, MatLab, etc format. Various analysis functions such as; data preprocessing, time domain, amplitude domain analysis, frequency domain analysis, and time-frequency domain analysis, etc.


TL 9800-02 Basic Modal Test & Analysis Module:

Consists of three main functional modules: project management, dynamic signal processing, and modal parameters identification The imported source data can be both time-domain signals (excitation and response time histories) and frequency domain signal (frequency response function, FRF) With the capacity of not only traditional experimental modal analysis (EMA, both input and output data are needed), but also operational modal analysis (OMA, excited by the environment loads, only the output data can be measured).


TL9800-03 Impulse Response Analysis Module

Support TL9204 (KC - 2000, KCL2000) Series shock tester, can complete the impact

test of High acceleration, the completion of real-time signal acquisition, filtering,

real-time control, and generate the shock response spectrum. Automatic generation of

test report;

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