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Signal Generators

SG-01 Swept Signal Generator

Output waveform: sine, triangle wave, square wave; white noise; Frequency Range2Hz to 2kHz;20Hz to 20kHz; Power Output: 60W(4Ω); Signal Output: ±10VP-P Swept-frequency mode: Manual, Automatic; Operating Mode: Log, Linear; Frequency Range:2 Hz to 2 kHz; 20Hz to 20 kHz

Apply for driving MS-50 modal shaker and VT-50 small vibrator.


TL9200 Digital Signal Generator

Output Wave: Defined Waveform (Set by Software) Output Channels: 2 Frequency Range: DC to 30kHz Output Amplitude: ±10VP-P DA Conversion Rate:500kHz Interface: USB2.0 Weig:300Gram; Size:100×122×45mm Power Supply: USB Interface self-powering

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