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IEPE Sensor Simulator

TL8401 IEPE Sensor Simulator installs in place of an IEPE sensor and accepts test signals from a voltage function generator. The unit serves to verify signal conditioning settings, cable integrity, and tune long lines for optimum system performance. This unit requires power from an IEPE

sensor signal conditioner.

 Acceleration Amplitude(RMS):9.81m/s2(1g)±3%

 Input Voltage Range: ±5V;

 nput Inpedance:1×108Ω to 1×109Ω;

 Accuracy:1.00 (+0,+2%);

 Output Bias:11V±3VDC;

 Weight:120Gram;

 Noise:<40μV;

 Amplitude Linearity:<2% Power Supply:2 to 20mA/+18 to +28VDC;

 Size:60×26×26mm;




TL8501 series precise capacitances are composed of three kinds of the capacitance value

precision capacitance: 100 pF±0.1%;1000 pF±0.1%; 10nF±0.1%

Using polystyrene capacitor, high precision, low dissipation factor, stable performance. Stainless

steel casing and shield cap. Be used to Charge Amplifier calibration and testing;


TL8502 Charge attenuator offers charge attenuation rate:100:1,200:1,300:1 (optional);Accuracy: ±2%;Temperature Range: -40 to +80 ℃ ;Input and output method: BNC;Apply for piezoelectric sensors, such as dynamic force sensing Chargeoutput beyond the maximum Charge amplifier Measurment Range.


Calibration Precision Capacitances and Charge attenuator

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