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Signal test and modal analysis software

TL9800 consists of Dynamic signal testing & analysis module, basic modal test & analysis module, impulse response analysis module, digital signal generator module, sensor test & calibration module, strain test and analysis module, basic condition monitoring & analysis module, acoustic test & analysis module, Vibration table/impact table testing, modal software, etc.

TL9800-04 Digital Signal Generator Module

Support TL9200 digital signal generator and all TL DAQ with DA output dynamic data

collector; The dual digital signal output, can produce sine, sine sweep, square wave,

triangle wave, sawtooth wave, White Noise, and narrow-band random, pink Noise,

brown Noise, pulse, amplitude modulation wave, and dc waveform; Adjusting amplitude,

frequency, phase, etc.


TL9800-05 Sensor Test & Calibration module

Support the VCS-01 vibration sensor test & calibration system; Auto-calibrating

Sensitivity, Linearity, amplitude-frequency characteristic, and phase frequency

characteristics; calibration method: point by point comparison method, the sine sweep

the method, the random excitation method, and the shock excitation method; Offer Test



TL9800-06 Strain Test & Analysis Module

Support dynamic and static strain testing system, data acquisition, signal analysis

and processing.


TL9800-07Basic Condition Monitoring & Analysis Module

Support TL on-line healthy monitoring system; It offers multi-staged acousto-optic alarm trigger output and multi-channel combination. The real-time data acquisition, data record, trend analysis, on-line monitoring, fault diagnosis, the management of reporting, and instrument of large-sized mechanical equipment could be made for a long time. Simple operation, easy installation, strong ability of anti-disturbing, and high reliability.

The Diagram of Measuring Distribution & Three-level Alarms; Parameters Setting & Device Management; Real-time Display & Record; Real-time Histogram Display; The Inquiry of Historic Records; The data list and trend analysis; The Precise Fault Diagnosis.

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