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VSC-01 Vibration Sensors Calibration System

VCS-01 Consists of:

1、 Standard sensor

2、 Standard vibration table

3、 Linear power amplifier

4、 Multi-function vibration analyzer(2-output,4-input)

5、 Test and calibration software


1. Back-to-back Secondary Reference;

2. Frequency Range:5 Hz to 30kHz;

3. Vibration Amplitude:0 to 500m/s2 (Power Amplifier, Exciter selectable)

4. Auto-calibrating Sensitivity, Linearity, amplitude-frequency characteristic and phase-frequency characteristics;

5. calibration method: point by point comparison method, the sine sweep method, the random excitation method;

6. Offer Test Report;

Main parts:

1. Standard sensor: using natural quartz as Sensing Element, High stability, can be used as a sensor calibration;

2. Standard vibration table: please refer to the SVT and VT Series vibration table index; The load and Max vibration level

3. Linear power amplifier: according to the vibration table to select the corresponding power amplifier.Linear power amplifier with High signal-to-noise ratio, wide frequency range, and small distortion;

4. Multi-function vibration analyzer (2 output, 4 input): High conversion rate of 500 kHz signal output and 1 MHz 4 channel parallel sampling rate, ensure complete and accurate signal;

5. Test and calibration software: according to the conditions set automatically complete all testing, and report form, and can according to the measured sensor Sensitivity, automatically adjust the internal Gain, to ensure that the signal-to-noise ratio and testing Accuracy.

Selection guidelines:

1. Standard sensor

TL271A01: Frequency Range1 – 6500Hz;

TL271A02: Frequency Range5 – 15kHz;

2. Standard vibration table

Note: VT Series vibration tables can provide more force output.

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